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A Mission-Led Company

Our Mission : “To contribute to technological adaptation, the sustainability, and the renewal of the economic, insurance, and financial system in order to achieve a better and more sustainable future.”

about our COMMITEment

Committed To Blockchain Technology Transitions

Becoming a mission-led company has been made possible thanks to the French PACTE law since May 2019. For us, this isn’t just about embracing a trend; it’s about embracing a responsibility to drive technological transition through blockchain innovation. As a company, this commitment encompasses not only our economic contributions but also the substantial impact we aim to bring to society. This framework empowers us to embed our company’s purpose into our statutes, intricately woven with the environmental, social, and governance objectives we wholeheartedly embrace as integral to our operations.

This profound commitment binds not only our executives and shareholders but also our entire team, unifying us towards a common purpose. We allocate the necessary resources – financial, human, and logistical – to ensure the relentless pursuit of this mission. The implementation of this commitment is overseen by a dedicated steering committee, working tirelessly to ensure that our actions resonate with the mission we’ve embraced.

Furthermore, the attainment of these goals isn’t just a matter of our word; it’s a matter of accountability. Independent third-party audits rigorously assess our progress, offering transparency and assurance that we are genuinely contributing to the betterment of our world through our technological endeavors.

Incorporating blockchain into our commitment amplifies the potential for positive transformation. It serves as the technological backbone through which we drive sustainable change in the realms of insurance, finance, and beyond. Our technological expertise becomes intertwined with our mission, fueling innovation, shaping industries, and creating a legacy of responsible, impactful action.

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